Water Sports You Have To Try Once

Whether you want to shoot up in the air on a flyboard or aquaplane, tear along the water on a jet ski or electric surfboard, or power under the surface on an underwater scooter or submarine, a superyacht acts as a floating waterpark that offers all the thrills and spills you could wish for.

By Alma Laganara • 08 June 2023

Superyacht water toys are state-of-the-art and getting more interesting by the year. In addition, some exciting water sports combinations are emerging that will give you something to discuss when you get home. Horse-surfing, anyone?

Here Are 11 Sometimes Zany, Thrilling Water Toys and Sports You Must Try on Your Next Luxury Yacht Charter:


  1. Ultra-light Amphibious Aircraft: The most fantastic new toy in the superyacht universe, the Icon A5 Aircraft is a small, easy-to-operate, 2-seater amphibious plane with fold-up wings for more compact storage. It can land and take off on water, land, or the beach and has a parachute system for additional safety. And while you need to have a sport pilot’s license to fly one, the simplicity of operating the Icon A5 means you can attain this license quickly.
  2. Jet Surfing: Electric and foiling surfboards are one of the hottest water toy categories right now, and little wonder. Offering speeds of up to 60 km/hr and dispensing with the need for surf or waves, these excellent boards let you skim the water at high speed. Both electric and foiling surfboards have their advantages. Electric is faster and sportier but has a short run time, while e-foils are a little slower but much lighter and run for around 2 hours. You can do tricks on both, and they have a different feel, as one is on the water while the other glides effortlessly above. What you prefer will be a matter of testing the waters!
  3. Wake Skating: A cross between wakeboarding and skateboarding, a wakeskate is pulled behind the boat as a wakeboard, but the rider’s feet are not bound to the board with bindings, allowing them to do jumps and tricks as on a skateboard. It’s technical to get the hang of but great fun!
  4. Horse Surfing: Want something a bit wacky? Head to shallow water at the beach and wakeboard or surf behind a galloping horse! A horse can reach up to 40mph speeds, so this is no cruisy, just-for-insta experience. Don’t forget to wear a helmet.
  5. Flyboards, Hoverboards and Jetpacks: The first time you shoot up out of the water on a flyboard or jetpack, you won’t be able to keep the grin off your face. Hover above the yacht, diving, flipping, and doing your best Iron Man impression. When choosing between them, Flyboards and Hoverboards are similar, except the flyboards move vertically while the hoverboards move horizontally. Jetpacks are the simplest to learn and have excellent manoeuvrability. 
  6. Underwater Scooter: Underwater scooters have been the must-have superyacht water toy for many years, with SEABOBs dominating the yacht market. However, the SEABOB has some company with the new Scubajet, an electric water-jet underwater scooter smaller and faster than the competition. As another neat trick, you can attach the Scubajet to your kayak or paddleboard and use the propulsion to hurry back to the boat in record time.
  7. Submarine: Personal submarines have been around for a while and keep improving. A submersible is the ultimate superyacht toy, allowing guests to explore great depths on undersea adventures. Now that new models like the U-Boat Worx Nemo Submersible only take up as much storage space as two jet skis, we can expect that personal submarines will be more standard additions to the superyacht toy fleet. 
  8. SUP Yoga: Do you consider yourself a bit of a yogi? Time to test your balance and zen calm by taking your yoga routine out on a paddleboard. Head out at sunrise for a salute to the sun sequence you’ll never forget. You’ll be grinning all day. And possibly also soaking.
  9. Transparent Paddleboards and Kayaks: This one’s bringing the glass-bottom boat experience to your water sports with see-through boards so you can look straight down at the corals and fish below.
  10. Ice Swimming: With cold climate cruising on superyachts getting ever more popular in destinations like Alaska and Antarctica, a yacht charter is the perfect opportunity to try ice-swimming. There’s nothing quite like diving into a swimming hole in the pack ice and seeing how long you can handle the cold before clambering back to your yacht to warm up in the steam room or the Jacuzzi, coffee cognac in hand.
  11. Inflatable Waterpark: It’s hard to decide which part of your charter group will like this more, the adults or the kids. Some superyachts now carry inflatable obstacle courses that float off the back of the yacht, complete with slides, climbing walls, and trampolines. The whole family will be helpless with laughter as you all race and fall and dive-bomb into the water.