Top 3 Glittering Events To Attend By Superyacht

They may be held on land, but certain events in the world are synonymous with superyachts — where the only thing better than having a red-carpet invitation is a glamorous yacht to throw a party on.

By Sasha Leong • 26 June 2023

Here are three unmissable events on the international superyacht calendar and a few tips to ensure you get a top yacht in the top spot.

Monaco Grand Prix Superyacht Charter

There is no more elite invitation for the Monaco Grand Prix than to watch the race from a superyacht. Therefore, it would be best to start your race early to charter a yacht for this prestigious event. We suggest speaking to us at least eight months before the event.

During the Monaco Grand Prix, some of the world’s most luxurious private yachts gather on the edge of the racetrack, their decks crowded with VIP spectators cheering the cars along as they race around Rascasse bend. Immaculate yacht crew in white uniforms weave between the guests, silver trays of champagne and caviar glinting in the sunlight, and a few lucky ones watch the action from the sundeck Jacuzzi. Music plays from the yacht’s stereo, the sound lifting into the Monte Carlo sky to merge with the whine of the F1 engines and the roar of the gathered crowd. The Monaco Grand Prix is one of the world’s great spectacles, and a superyacht is the world’s most incredible place to view it from.

Best Berths for the Monaco Grand Prix

The race-view berths are those along Quai des Etats-Unis and Route de la Piscine. These are known as Zone 1 berths and are fiercely sought after, as you can imagine! Applications for a Zone 1 berth during the Grand Prix are required at least eight months in advance (Bluewater will take care of this for you when you secure your charter booking.)

Alternative berths are found in the rest of Port Hercules or the nearby marinas of Fontvieille or Cap d’Ail. All have their advantages: in Port Hercules, you will generally be able to see the race on giant screens and feed off the electric atmosphere of the event. At the same time, Fontvieille and Cap d’Ail make good alternatives for those happy to berth their yachts outside the action and watch the race from the grandstands or other viewing points. Finally, you can also anchor off the cliffs of Monaco, where some of the biggest yachts gather.

It is worth noting that you cannot move your yacht in and out of Port Hercules for five days, so if you want the freedom to go out cruising (perhaps down to the Cannes Film Festival, which runs partially concurrently with the Grand Prix), either anchoring off or berthing in Fontvieille or Cap d’Ail are good options.

Best Yachts for the Monaco Grand Prix

When choosing your Monaco Grand Prix charter yacht, think maximum guest numbers for your party invites and the amount of entertaining space on deck. of course, yachts with multiple bars for parties and great AV systems for secondary screens to watch the race are essential too.

The Cannes Film Festival Superyacht Charter

Ah, spring on the French Riviera, when the snow still sparkles on the Alps behind the coast, the red carpet flows down the steps of the Palais des Festivals, and the superyachts gather in sunny, palm-lined Cannes for one of the most extraordinary events on earth. 

Chartering a yacht at Cannes says that you have truly arrived. A yacht doesn’t just give you bragging rights or fantastic accommodation in the middle of the action. It also gives you a restaurant and party venue all rolled up in one — where your private chef and crew create stunning degustation lunches in the shadow of the Palais, and directors and movie stars come on board for glittering soirees under a sky full of strobe lights and fireworks. Private movie screenings are shown in the yacht’s onboard cinema or sky lounge, and glamorous-themed yacht parties are the hottest invite in town. Many corporations also charter a yacht at the Cannes Film Festival to showcase their brand in front of the flashing cameras and celebrity guests.

Best Berths for the Cannes Film Festival

Like the Monaco Grand Prix, we suggest booking at least eight months in advance to secure the best yachts and berths for the Cannes Film Festival.

The most illustrious berths are on the Jetée Edouard Albert by the Palais in the Port de Cannes, and this is ground zero for celebrity parties. If you secure one of these berths closest to the Palais, it is worth noting that your yacht cannot move throughout the event; it is called a ’static charter’.

Other berths in the Old Port and across in Port Pierre Canto offer the freedom of being able to move in and out of Cannes during the Festival — meaning you can float up the coast to Monaco to take in some of the Grand Prix or take a leisurely cruise down to Saint Tropez for a beach club day. In addition, port Pierre Canto can accommodate larger yachts, up to 90m.

Best Yachts for the Cannes Film Festival

If you plan to host parties on board, you’ll need to speak to your broker about maximum guest numbers, as this is highly regulated on yachts. Some Cannes charter yachts can host up to 200 people on board in port and a much smaller number if out cruising. Also consider deck entertaining space and amenities, features like onboard cinemas for private movie screenings, and the yacht crew’s demonstrated experience hosting large parties onboard. Our team can suggest some highly experienced charter yachts for incredible Cannes Film Festival charters. 

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Superyacht Charter

There’s something thrillingly exotic about chartering a yacht for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. You’ll anchor your yacht in Yas Marina, where the sapphire blue waters of the Arabian Gulf wind around the F1 track and futuristic buildings hosting a cornucopia of entertainment— bars and restaurants, golf courses and theme parks. The Yas Marina Circuit is the home of F1 in the Middle East.

The atmosphere on Yas Island on any day is fun and glamour. On race days, the excitement level ratchets up to something stratospheric. Like the Monaco Grand Prix, you can see the racetrack from the marina, meaning a superyacht is the prime location for watching the race. And after the race, the party starts only a few steps away from your yacht. 

Best Berths for Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Charters

Yes, you guessed it. You will want to book the best yachts and berths for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix early. 

There are two race-view options for berths in the Yas Marina, depending on the size of your charter yacht. Yachts between 35 and 60m sit right by the track in berths 36 to 56, while guests on very large superyachts (up to 175m) can view the race from outside the main marina at berths V10, V15 and V26.

If your yacht is smaller than 35m or you cannot secure a trackside berth, there are many other berths in the marina. They won’t afford you a view of the track, but the atmosphere is undeniably exciting nonetheless, and almost all yachts will have vantage points to the large screens showing the race around the marina. 

Best Charter Yachts for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

As with the other events on this list, you’ll want to consider maximum guest numbers (both in-port and cruising), entertaining space on deck, yacht amenities, crew experience, and AV systems.

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