Top 10 Tips To Charter Smarter

Whether you are looking to celebrate that milestone birthday or get away from it all over Christmas and New Year, here are our top tips to creating the most memorable of holiday experiences.

By Rebecca Cutter • 21 November 2022

1. Book early 

The advantage of booking early or ahead of the season will open up a wider selection of yachts to meet your needs, preferences and possibly a better rate. You will be able to select your preferred dates and ports of call as opposed to fitting around an already busy booking calendar.

2. Be guided 

Be guided by the captain and crew. It is the crew that helps to make your charter fantastic. Let the captain use their skills, knowledge and experience to allow you to so that you can discover places that you might not have otherwise known about or do things in a way that you may not have tried yet.  Your crew should have excellent local knowledge to make itinerary or activity suggestions, to further enhance your enjoyment on board.

3. Try to be flexible 

Flexibility will maximise your enjoyment on board and enable you to experience each destination to the full. If your itinerary is flexible, you can choose to stay longer in a certain location, that is just too magical to leave, or you can work around any potential inclement weather conditions to ensure a smoother crossing or passage at sea.

4. Voice your preferences 

Plan your menus and let us know your preferences in as much detail as possible. Crew are extremely creative and ingenious, so the more information you give them, the more special your time onboard will be. If we can provide the crew with all your favourite foods, beverages, activities (and of course any dislikes or allergies) ahead of your arrival, then they can ensure that you feel like you have arrived in your own special “home from home” with all your creature comforts to indulge in whilst onboard. It’s all in the detail, so we like to encourage you to share any helpful guidance with us before you start your dream holiday. 

5. Remember you are booking a holiday 

What is most important when planning your tailor-made vacation at sea is the crew, the itinerary, the equipment, and water toys. Embrace the freedom, privacy, variety, relaxation and five-star service that yacht charter can bring you. There is no other holiday like a yacht charter.

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6. Not a care in the world 

Step on board and leave your worries behind. Everything is in place to enable you to switch off from the distractions of modern-day life and the stress it brings with it. This is your time to indulge on every level, from start to finish.

7. Chartering with children 

Activities, the itinerary, water toys and safety may be things to consider when choosing your charter. Crew are very child-friendly but having a nanny to assist with young children will mean that everybody can fully enjoy the benefits of the holiday, all whilst expanding your children’s horizons and giving you a chance to spend real quality time together.

8. Time travel 

If you want to cover a lot of ground, you may want to opt for a longer charter, as cruising for more than 4-5 hours a day to meet an ambitious itinerary can be tiring. Don’t forget, it takes a week to unwind and relax so why not treat yourself to a longer yacht charter? 

9. Certified broker 

It is highly advisable to book through a reputable charter broker who is a MYBA (Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association) member. All MYBA Members possess a proven track record of professional excellence and are involved at many levels of the superyacht industry. Bluewater is proud to boast both corporate and individual MYBA memberships, assuring that you will be represented by experienced professionals.

10. Variety is the spice of life 

Do something different and try something new. Take yourself off the beaten track, try a sailboat if you are used to power, swim with pigs in the Bahamas or try your hand with a Seabob. The world is your oyster! There are innumerable ways to experience new things on charter, so let your imagination go wild and embrace this unique and extraordinary lifestyle that we call luxury yachting.