Throwing A Yacht Party At Anchor

You are dreaming of throwing a party on a yacht. Not in port, though — you want to be out at anchor, under the moon, music playing and guests dancing on deck. So, what have you got to keep in mind before you start planning your yacht party charter?

By Kyran Worrell • 05 June 2023
Your charter broker will advise you on suitable party yachts, but here are a few things to consider that will make your event an incredible success.

Guest Numbers

It is surprising to many new charterers that, no matter how big, most yachts can only legally accommodate 12 guests overnight due to their licensing. The same licensing strictly regulates how many guests are allowed on the yacht when the yacht leaves the harbour. Different passenger numbers are allowed in different countries, and based on how far offshore you are anchored, you’ll need expert advice from your broker about throwing a party at anchor.

There are also an increasing number of boats with large passenger licenses to avoid this very issue! Speak to your broker to find the perfect party yacht.


Rafting Up for Bigger Parties

Consider rafting up with another boat for bigger guest numbers and a fantastic party at anchor. Raft-ups for parties are great fun in calm weather, and your captain and crew will ensure that the raft-up is safe for all guests and doesn’t damage either vessel. This is such a great option if different families or groups of friends are chartering boats at the same time. You can cruise by day and find your own space, only to gather and raft up at night for


The Right Tender/s

If you’re ferrying passengers to and from the yacht all night, you’ll have to consider tenders. Not only how many guests they carry or how fast they can go, but how they fit the style of your party. A glamorous all-weather option would be a limousine tender to protect hair and clothes from salt spray and wind, or you could ramp up the adrenaline with a high-speed tender that gets up on the plane and makes everyone feel like they’re in for a wild night. For a party vibe that’s pure Hollywood glamour, go for a classic tender like a Riva, J Craft or Comitti. Talk to your broker about organising charter tenders that suit your party’s mood and practical aspects.


Plan Ahead for Party Prep and Provisioning Success

If you’re planning to keep the party budget in check, we suggest liaising closely with your broker and charter yacht about catering, provisioning and party decorations well ahead of your charter. While yacht crew can always get your party items last minute, your costs will be significantly reduced if crew have plenty of time to source the food, drink, and party theme decorations long before the event. Ferrying boxes of wine out to a yacht at anchor is inconvenient and bad for the wine. If you’re getting catering delivered for the party, the delicate canapes probably won’t survive a bouncy tender ride either. Where possible, everything should be coordinated to be delivered to the yacht when it’s in port before moving to the anchorage for the party.

In the same vein, talking to your broker about what kind of decor and theme you would like for your party gives the interior team plenty of time to prepare and get the yacht looking fantastic for the event.

Yacht crew can adapt to whatever party you want to throw. But planning makes for party perfection! Chat with your Bluewater charter broker to organise a party you and your group will never forget.