South Pacific Dreaming: 3 Pacific Destinations To Escape To On A Yacht

Wound tight like a spring? Cast off on a superyacht into the South Pacific, where palm trees wave above turquoise lagoons and the smell of frangipani hangs heavy in the air. Here are three Pacific charter destinations that will leave you totally restored.

By Sam Jurgensen • 16 October 2023

French Polynesia: A South Pacific Paradise

To hear the name ‘French Polynesia’ is to conjure up images of a Pacific paradise, an almost mythical dreamscape of exotic landscapes and coral lagoons. A place where overwater bungalows have glass floors so you can watch the fish flit below, and glamorous day spas offer views of distant volcanoes. And everywhere, flowers —an explosion of frangipanis and bougainvillaea, red hibiscus and sweet-smelling gardenias. 

On charter in French Polynesia, the reality truly lives up to the imaginings. With lagoons of every shade of blue, white sand atolls, and backdrops of waterfalls and extinct volcanoes, these 118 islands are born for exploration by superyacht. Every day is a new adventure. You might paddleboard through the rainforest up the legendary Faaroa River, swim under a Tahitian waterfall, and drink and dine in 5-star hotels on Bora Bora. Divers will be in their element as they explore Cousteau’s much-loved Tikehau Lagoon, the famous Blue Lagoon, or enter Shark Hole at Fakarava where the hammerheads gather. Or maybe you’d like to pass your days swinging in a hammock on Pink Sands beach, or dining at anchor against the spectacular backdrop of Moorea’s Opunohu Bay. 

Every day on charter in French Polynesia you’ll dive off the back of the yacht into another sunlit lagoon, feeling the soft water close over you and opening up your eyes to the extraordinary world below.


Palau: The Underwater Serengeti of the Pacific

If you asked a passerby where Palau is, chances are they wouldn’t have a clue. But ‘those in the know’ will rave about this hidden jewel of the Pacific until their very last breath. Palau is a scattering of emerald islands in Micronesia, a volcanic collection of jungle-covered outcrops surrounded by blue-green lagoons of astonishing clarity. 

Under the surface, charter guests will experience some of the most spectacular diving on our planet, a place so rich in life that it is often referred to as an ‘underwater Serengeti’. Float amongst whale sharks and manta rays, canoe through the mangroves spotting crocodiles and dugong, and glory in some of the most pristine coral displays left on earth. Dive among sharks at the legendary Blue Corner, explore WWII wrecks off Orange Beach, and explore ‘The Temple of Doom’ cave dive. Spend your days on charter hiking through the jungle to thundering waterfalls, soaking in mineral mud pools and having white-table cloth banquets on sandbars in the middle of turquoise sea. 

On a Palau yacht charter, you will experience magical scenery, marine life beyond measure, and the exhilarating feeling of being one of the few on earth to not only know where Palau is, but to be able to say you’ve cruised this near-secret paradise on a superyacht.


Fiji: Finding Your Blue Lagoon in the Land of Smiles

If you ever watched the film The Blue Lagoon, you’ve had a glimpse of Fiji’s natural splendour— an idyllic landscape of desert islands with sugar white beaches, and jungled mountains sloping down to meet perfect lagoons.  Spread across 333 islands and encircled by two of the world’s largest barrier reefs, Fiji offers treasures at every turn for the yacht charterer, with thousands of beautiful anchorages, superb diving and surfing, and a truly extraordinary  level of hospitality from the locals.

On a Fiji yacht charter, nature is your playground. White water raft down through the jungle, go on a caving safari, surf the infamous Cloudbreak, and take a dip in the film-famous Blue Lagoon in the Yasawa Islands. See the finest collection of soft corals on earth at Vatu-I-Ra, where 40m coral-clad pinnacles rise to the surface, and dive among manta rays on the Great Astrolabe Reef off Kadavu Island. Venture out into the Namena Marine Reserve, where the reef sits on the edge of an immense drop off, allowing you to watch the whale migration pass you by on one side while looking at corals on the other. 

One of Fiji’s many special features is its many uninhabited islands, giving you a sense of a desert island adventure in the middle of nowhere. Another is its resorts, a vision of  infinity pools shaded by palm trees. But perhaps most of all, Fiji’s special power is its people. Whether you’re watching a cultural ceremony or watching your child run around with the local villagers, one thing is clear: this paradise is not called the land of smiles for nothing. 


No one ever forgets a yacht charter in the South Pacific. It is paradise found. 


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