S/Y Rivendell bringing aid to the people of Dominica

Tropical Storm Erika arrived without warning in the early hours of 27 August dumping 33cm of rain in 12 hours on the island of Dominca in the Caribbean. Catastrophic landslides coupled with rivers which became torrential, wiped out the island major infrastructure including roads, homes, and bridges, not to mention severe loss of lives.

With many of the roads washed away villages are isolated and relying on food drops from helicopters and Foreign Aid. Together with Ben and Tarryn on Sailing Yacht Rivendell, bluewater is collecting clothes and school supplies for the people of Dominica. They have been largely been left out of the international media which is why we are trying to raise awareness of their massive need for help.

Dominica is one of Ben and Tarryn’s favourite islands in the Caribbean. They always have had such an incredible time there and the people are always so welcoming and friendly. It is an island overflowing with natural resources but very short on money so we would like to help in as big a way as we can!

At the bluewater offices you can leave any clothes/school supplies that you may have and no longer need. Ben and Tarryn will pick this up and take it across to Dominica on Rivendell at the end of October. Last date for drop off in Antibes is October 10th and the last date to drop off in Palma is October 20th.

If you would like to donate directly to the relief effort, the government has set up transfer information and has also endorsed two GoFundMe pages.

Thank you so much, we hope you can support this great cause.