Pre Season Mind Management Event With The Language Alchemist

Bluewater welcomes Tracey Jones - Language Alchemist, for a digital webinar to explore Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for yacht crew and the benefits of looking deeper in preparation for a successful superyacht season. New to EQ? This is for you. Need additional tools before the season? This is for you.

By Lizzie Ross • 18 May 2023

Elevating Human Performance On Board Superyachts

To register, please log into the Bluewater CLUB.

This free webinar aims to "Elevate Human Performance” by adopting a multileveled approach towards Mind Management. 

30th May 2023 @ 14.00 CEST / 08.00 EDT

Focus Areas 

  • Emotional Intelligence- bringing intelligence into emotional reactions 
  • Understanding language triggers and how these impact performance 
  • Unhooking unwanted emotional thoughts as you transition into various critical points in life 
  • Understanding the importance of how values influence behaviour 
  • Release of nervous-induced tension before essential events 
  • Visualisation and goal manifestation
  • Mind management education 
  • Drive focus and the implementation of a robust daily regimen 

Through the transformative practice of Language Alchemy, Tracey’s style and brand of coaching helps individuals unlock their full potential and elevate their performance to new heights. With a keen focus on behavioural language patterns and insightful questioning, she guides clients towards a deeper understanding of their minds and the mechanics behind their thought processes, enabling them to read and listen to the connection between their unique mind and body. Aiding them to reframe situations in real-time and elevating human performance. 

During this webinar, the Language Alchemist will cover 

  • Crew well-being and how it can affect mind management 
  • Emotional intelligence and how it impacts our daily lives 
  • Gaining a deeper awareness of our internal language patterns and how they can either elevate us or inhibit us 
  • Gain awareness of the emotional triad and how we can use it to resource ourselves better

This is a presentation followed by a Q&A session. Give yourself the tools you need to make 2023 YOUR season.