One Perfect Day: Day Charters in a Superyacht Playground

Superyacht day charters are wildly underestimated. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, impressing a VIP client, or dabbling your toe in the glamorous world of superyacht charter for the first time, a day charter allows you to step outside normal life for one single day of utter perfection.

By Rebecca Cutter • 25 July 2022
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Why Charter a Yacht for Just a Day?

There are a bunch of practical reasons that you might want to charter a luxury yacht for just one day. Maybe you don’t have the vacation time or budget to book for a week right now, or perhaps your family has never spent time on a boat before, and this day trip is a trial run.

You might only need the yacht for one day as part of a larger event — perhaps you’ve got a hotel booked for the Dubai Grand Prix or Cannes Film Festival, and want to spend one day on the water. Maybe it’s part of a boy’s week golfing in the Balearics with a day out fishing, or a girls’ shopping weekend in Miami with a side of yachting bliss. Maybe you’re writing the day charter off as a business expense to land that big client, or treating yourself to an experience you’ve always wanted for your 50th birthday.

Maybe you’re celebrating one of life’s really big moments. Yachts are the ultimate location for an intimate wedding. Just imagine cruising out on a yacht to a ceremony on a remote sandbar in the Bahamas — white dress, white sand, white yacht, blue sea. Drinking champagne and dancing on the sundeck as the sun sets and the yacht heads back to port.

Whatever the reason you’re just in the market for a day charter, one thing can be sure: One day on a superyacht  is worth a week in other places.

Scale Down the Time = Scale Up Your Expectations.

Booking a Yacht for Just One Day Gives You a Licence To Go Large.

On a day charter you can set your expectations and budget a bit higher — a bigger yacht, gourmet food and wine — maybe even splurging on a yacht with a jacuzzi.

A day charter also gives the crew permission to really show off, creating a day full of glamour and indulgence against a backdrop of paradise. These short-duration charters are a lot of fun for crew, as they want to show new guests the very best this yachting life has to offer.

A day charter allows you to cast off from all your worries and suspend reality for a day. Will you want to stay onboard longer as the day comes to an end? Without a shadow of a doubt. But if one day is all you have on a luxury yacht, it is sure to be a day to remember.