Anchored In Paradise: The World’s Most Stunning Yacht Wake-Up Views

There is nothing like waking up on a superyacht, knowing a day of decadence and adventure ahead, climbing out of your warm bed and padding over soft carpets to the window to drink in the view.

By Alma Laganara • 14 September 2023

Every day, waking up on a luxury yacht is special. But some locations and settings fill you with excitement and wonder and get the day on a charter off to a perfect start. Here are a few top contenders for the best places to wake up at anchor on a superyacht.

For An Enchanted Archipelago: Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Waking up on a yacht in Raja Ampat is like falling headlong into a travel photoshoot so beautiful it is hard to believe it is real. Raja Ampat is a karst archipelago in the Coral Triangle, where the jungle covers limestone outcrops scattered like gems in a turquoise sea. These dense clusters of islands make for a spectacular cruising playground, with thousands of tiny coves and white sand beaches. But for many, it’s the dive underneath the surface that they’ll remember until their dying day, with the protected archipelago acting as a feeding ground and nursery for big pelagics like whale sharks, mantas and sperm whales, and profusions of bright coral as far as the eye can see.

For Diving, Decadence, And Desert(ed)? Island Bliss: The Maldives.

The first-morning view in the Maldives always shocks with its beauty: that unbelievable sapphire sea, the tiny coral atolls of palm trees and the sugar-white sands. Diving beneath the surface, a riot of colour and action opens up above teeming reefs, with graceful manta rays and whale sharks soaring through the endless blue. A day in the Maldives stretches before you, offering decadence at overwater spas or desert island footprints on uninhabited islands.

For Fierce Natural Beauty. The Kimberley, Australia.

Where the Australian Outback meets the sea, the Kimberley region in northwest Australia is one of the most remote places on the planet, and its rugged beauty will sear into your soul. Get up early for sunrises playing above rust-red escarpments, and pass days cruising through empty archipelagos and up deep river gorges past thundering waterfalls. As far off the beaten path as it is possible to be, Kimberley is the place you will never stop talking about.

For French Caribbean Celebrity Chic: St. Barts

Where else but St. Barts for that glittering combination of French style, Caribbean cool, and celebrity sparkle? Waking up on a superyacht in St. Barts brings a thrill to your heart as you live out your dreams of Caribbean Island life, shop the boutiques, laze about on perfect beaches, and party it up under starlit skies. of course, the most exciting time of year to be in St Barts is over New Year’s, when hundreds of the world’s most luxurious superyachts gather in the bay under a sky full of fireworks.

For Pacific Dreaming: Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Waking up in a lagoon in Bora Bora is truly paradise found. French Polynesia has some of the most stunning anchorages in the world, with backdrops of volcanic, jungled mountains sloping down to perfect white sand beaches lined with coconut palms. Pass your days swimming in sapphire lagoons, bathing under rainforest waterfalls, and getting pampered in spectacular overwater spas, watching the tropical fish flit underneath the glass floor. When the sun sets, settle in on the sundeck for cocktails, enjoying the vanilla-scented breeze of French Polynesia as it drifts over bare, sun-kissed shoulders.

For Icebergs And Grandeur: Antarctica

You are either a person who has dreamed of seeing Antarctica since you were a young child… or you aren’t. If you are one of the former, the morning view out of your superyacht window onto the great white wastes of Antarctica will please that inner child and fill you with a lifetime of wonder. Giant icebergs of milky blue float past the boat, carved into towering sculptures by the wind and waves. Penguins crowd the edges of the pack ice, slipping down on their bellies to plunge into the sea, transforming into creatures of infinite grace as soon as they hit the water. Snowy mountains rise up from the coast, promising snow-hiking treks for adventurous souls. Maybe you’ll take the polar plunge or the yacht’s submarine down into the icy depths. Or camp out on an iceberg overnight, the creak of the pack ice lulling you to sleep. For sheer physical grandeur and once-in-a-lifetime experiences, an Antarctica yacht charter is hard to beat.

How many of these views have you woken up to? And how many are on your yachting bucket list?