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Added benefits to ONE Account Holders

We are delighted to announce the launch of the ONE Account Affiliate programme. ONE Account holders are now able to apply training vouchers against a percentage of a course, service or product offered by selected affiliates all over the world.

Currently you can cash in your vouchers with the following affiliates:

It is simple. If you are a ONE Account holder just log into your ONE Account and with 3 clicks of a button you can select a company from the list of affiliates on our website and request a voucher.  As soon as this is requested you will receive a voucher code that is ready to be used with the Affiliate Company!

In addition, ONE Account holders can now apply vouchers towards a percentage of Payroll, Mini ISM or Yacht Training Manuals with bluewater’s fast growing management department.

To find out more about the ONE Account or how your yacht can sign up to the programme contact Sarah on 0493344773.
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