A Word of Warning: STCW Basic Refresher Training Courses

The Mediterranean yachting hotspots are heating up; seasonal yacht crew are being recruited and seasoned yacht crew are ensuring that all of their certification & qualifications are in date.

By Sarah Corn • 13 April 2022

This includes a valid & accepted STCW2010 certificate.

It’s old news that the STCW 2010 convention requires any STCW basic or advanced firefighting and sea survival course which is over 5 years’ old, to be refreshed. What is new however, is the quantity of yacht crew that our team are encountering who have been advised that online training- with ‘no physical attendance required’ is accepted by the MCA.

Our yacht crew training team approached the MCA for comment and were reaffirmed in their knowledge that, “Where no practical element is carried out this would not be accepted by the MCA for any of our Certification. We recently rejected one course and the seafarer has since booked on an MCA approved course.”

While we fully appreciate that online training is convenient and potentially the future for many yacht training courses, at present, there are certain practical elements of safety training that require physical participation.

If you are unsure about which parts of your basic and advanced STCW training do indeed expire, training coordinator Pippa Wastell sheds some light on the matter here.