2024 Riva Anniversario 33 - Sold & Delivered

Bluewater is delighted to announce the sale of the Riva Anniversario hull T7 #18.

By Kyran Worrell • 21 May 2024

It’s an Aquariva, it’s an Aquarama, it’s history transformed into future and beauty: Riva Anniversario is an incredible combination of details and inspiration drawn from both these boats.

Riva Anniversario is a unique 33-foot open powerboat with magnetic appeal, paying tribute to the history and legend of the yard that has been making exciting contributions to yachting, design and fine living for 180 years now. And like all true objects of desire, only 18 units will be produced and they have already become collector’s items, dreamt of and longed for by everyone who loves Riva and boating as an art form.

The exterior styling is inspired by the Aquariva’s classic silhouette, featuring clean lines, balanced volumes and a series of stylistic details that tap into the Aquarama’s refined style. Two legends in a new boat that is already an icon: it could only happen with Riva.  But don’t be misled by this tribute to past masterpieces because her design expresses Anniversario’s distinctive and innovative personality, featuring an exclusive and magnificently modern configuration seen not least in the choice of more saturated and fuller colours for the surfaces, highlighting their character.

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