10 Amazing Mallorcan Restaurants All Yacht Crew Should Try

Being based in Mallorca is a real treat for crew who love their food. This Spanish Island has a vibrant gourmet scene that never stops evolving —whether you’re looking for a cosy tapas bar in Palma’s Old Town, Michelin-starred fine dining by the sea, or a long, lazy lunch on a rustic terrace under the vines.

By Sophie Barber • 03 August 2023

There are about a thousand places to eat in Mallorca, and the standard of food is generally very high. One of the great joys of days off in Mallorca is just jumping in the crew car and heading off exploring, finding little local gems of restaurants as you go. But there are some restaurants that you’ll regret not trying if you don’t make time for them during your stay on the island.

Here are 10 of the best restaurants in Mallorca that will lock in your memory — even long after you’ve left your yachting days behind.

1. For Beach Bar Bliss: Patiki, Soller. 

Feast on colourful plates of food by the sea at this gorgeous little chiringuito, a laid-back, chic bohemian beach bar at Soller. British chef Grace Berrow relies heavily on the locals, sourcing her seafood and produce from neighbouring farmers and fishing folk and allowing customers into the kitchen to see the magic happen. So grab a table on the deck just metres from the sea and soak it all in—a fabulous choice for a fun crew day off by the sea.

2. For Paella and Sunsets: Restaurante Sa Foradada, Deia.

Considered one of the incredible sunset spots of Europe, Sa Foradada has an eponymous restaurant which has also cornered the market with one of the best paellas on the island. This place has “you’ll remember it” stamped all over it, as you’ll have to either arrive by tender or boat from Port de Soller or by hiking 1 hour down the hill, as there’s no road to the restaurant. But once you’re there, you won’t want to leave as you tuck into a rustic paella feast cooked on the fire in an open-air kitchen and sit on the balcony hanging out over the rocky cliff.

3. For Slow Food in the Village: Ca Na Toneta, Camiari

This restaurant is one of Mallorca’s iconic little gems, a ‘rustic-chic’ restaurant run by two sisters in a little stone house in the tiny village of Camiari. Named after their grandma, the restaurant features organic, local slow food and offers only a 6-course tasting menu. This approach has been phenomenally successful, with Conde Nast naming Ca Na Toneta one of the 207 best restaurants globally as rated by foodie professionals. Inside, it’s a cosy affair of exposed stone and white-cloth tables, or you can take a table on the outdoor terrace under the grapevines.

4. For seafood in a Cliffside Paradise: Ca’s Patró March- Deia

We’re back to Deia for this one (if you could bear to leave in the first place). Like nearby Restaurante Sa Foradada, this restaurant hangs out over the emerald waters, built into the rocks in a seemingly fragile assembly of timber, thatch and cane. There are no white cloth tables, so expect your menu to come in a plastic sleeve folder. But don’t be deceived, for you’re just as likely to run into George Clooney here as the local fisherman. Ca’s Patro March is a lively, wonderful place that has been cemented into Majorcan life and its film history — it recently starred in an episode of The Night Manager.

5. For Affordable Michelin-Starred: Adrian Quetglas, Palma

The Palma dining scene is lucky to have Adrian Quetglas, and any self-respecting ‘foodie’ should run to get a table at this restaurant. The Argentinian-born chef firmly believes that haute cuisine should be for everyone. His mission to democratise fine dining means you can enjoy his Michelin-starred 5-course (lunch) and 7-course (dinner) tasting menus for €55 and €85, respectively. (Add €30-35 for wine pairings.) With stunning plating, creative flavours and an elegant dining room of green velvet chairs and cascading vines, Adrian Quetglas is the perfect date location for those looking to impress.

6. For Traditional Llonguets and Beers in an Atmospheric Setting: Bodega Bellver.

Chances are, if you’ve looked for work in Palma, you’ve already had your fair share of affordable but delicious tapas at the iconic Bar Dia. For this recommendation, we’re also going old-school and heading down into the dark cellar of Bodega Bellver, where time has stood still. Take a stool at an old wooden wine barrel, order an icy beer, and tuck into one of the hot llonguet sandwiches that have made this place stand the test of time.

7. For Traditional Basque Food by Top Chefs: El Txoko de Martín, Palma

The recent trend towards traditional food has seen an explosion in casa de comidas, a casual, home-style cafe where locals go for the food their mother used to cook — omelettes, stews, and casseroles. (The Spanish version of the traditional French bistro.) Top chefs happily adopted this trend, including 12 Michelin-starred Martin Berasategui, who has opened his casa comida, elevating traditional Basque cuisine in a trendy brown leather and timber restaurant in Santa Catalina. Expect big hits of tradition and hearty flavours elevated by the creativity and execution of one of the world’s top chefs.

8. For Creative Modern Tapas in a Bustling Cocktail Bar: Vandal

‘Food with attitude’ is this restaurant’s tagline, and there’s no question they’re pushing the boundaries at Vandal. This edgy, fashionable venue is one of the hottest places in town, serving creative Latin American and Asian-inspired tapas in a cool bar with an industrial edge. It regularly features on ‘best restaurants in Mallorca’ lists.

9. For Rustic Mountain Simplicity: The Lamb Restaurant, Alaró

There are certain iconic places that you almost have to visit to ‘earn your stripes’ as a yachtie. The Lamb Restaurant, perched halfway up a mountain on the way to the castle up at Alaró, is iconic. Rustic. Delicious. Not terribly vegetarian-friendly. Don’t expect fancy —this is not what this place is about. The inside is cosy and traditional- all exposed stone, dark timbers, and wooden tools stuck on the walls, while the outside tables with the mountain view have plastic chairs. You won’t care as you tuck into their legendary slow-roasted lamb shoulder or their excellent suckling pig or goat.

10. For That Home-Cooked Meal Experience: Ca n’Ignasi, Palma

Often referred to as ‘the best local food on the island’, this simple, unfussy restaurant has amassed a cult following for its exceptional home-style food using local produce. And it’s extraordinary value for money, with set menus for around 35 euros. The chef is known to come out and chat with the diners, and everyone walks away from Ignasi’s House feeling full and very happy.

You’ll remember these days, sitting around with your crew, eating, drinking, and laughing in a splendid place far from home. So, give the chef a day off. Get out of the crew mess and try these incredible Mallorcan restaurants!