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In order to work aboard commercial U.S. flagged vessels, including charter yachts, mariners are required to hold United States Coast Guard Merchant Mariner endorsements. 


This includes U.S. vessels operating on all U.S. navigable waters including oceans, lakes, rivers and inland waterway routes. Each endorsement holds requirements for both educational training and sea service. 


The licenses are limited to those with U.S. citizenship or permanent residency status. The U.S. Merchant Mariner licenses and endorsements are segmented based on waterways and vessel types, so the routes to licensing can be complicated. All USCG licensed mariners are required to hold a Transportation Worker Identification Card (TWIC) and a Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC).


The methods and requirements to secure these documents can be found at Bluewater is a USCG approved training center providing the training courses required for Captains Licenses up to 200 gross tons, and Mate, Chief Mate and Masters licenses on vessels less than 500 gross tons.