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Ralitsa is a writer with diverse background ranging from media and communications to social research. She is passionate about outdoor activities such as sailing and has a special interest in fashion.

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New Year's Eve on a yacht? Let's party!

If you're dreaming about the most amazing and unique way to celebrate New Year, you have just found it. Luxury, comfort and true excitement combine in a celebration on a yacht to ensure that this special night will remain truly unforgettable. Who said that you should remain in one place on New Year's Eve? We are all tired of fancy home dinners and luxurious bars that offer the same thing, year in, year out. You can actually be on the move - enjoying the space and freedom of the water aboard a yacht.
16 December 2013

Chic on a yacht: the hottest and the most timeless trends in nautical fashion

Enjoying time at sea is an amazing experience that brings excitement and a special connection to nature's most abundant resource, namely water.
30 October 2013