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Ivan Petkov


Over the years I’ve lived in various places - from Germany to Finland, to Bulgaria and Denmark, and have also traveled extensively. This has developed in me a keen love for moving, visiting and exploring new places. I enjoy hiking, sailing and traveling by sea, swimming, martial arts and all sorts of physical activities. I am deeply concerned about environmental issues and sustainable living, specifically those related to the preservation of the oceans and their inhabitants.
On a more creative side, I have an affinity for writing and have also translated several books from different languages. I have been blogging for a while and am continuously looking into new fields to write about. Amongst these I explore yachting, stories of famous yachts, their designers and builders, exotic destinations to be visited and others.

In the blog

Into the Deep: 5 Amazing Underwater Destinations

Have you seen the footage of Guillaume Nery 'base jumping' at Dean's Blue Hole in the Bahamas? If you told me that it didn't impress you, I wouldn't believe it even for a second. Blue holes, coral reefs, shipwrecks and underwater museums - there is a certain enigmatic quality to them all, even to non-divers. It must be the ocean's call that compels and enchants us. 70% of our planet's surface is covered by water. It's no wonder there's an inexhaustible number of diving-friendly places that would excite any curious visitor. Rounded up below for you are the five most amazing and mysterious diving destinations. And since there are no traffic jams at sea, a charter yacht is the ideal form of transportation to get you there.
17 February 2014

Sailing H(e)aven Antigua: For Fans and Connoisseurs Alike

While frosty weather conditions reign in Europe, elsewhere the sun shines and warm waves splash against the hulls of yachts. With yet another exciting and dramatic Superyacht Challenge Antigua having just taken place, we are reminded of Antigua's undeniable appeal to yachting professionals and charmed enthusiasts.
13 February 2014

5 Most Romantic Yacht Charter Destinations for St. Valentine's

For many centuries now, St. Valentine has served as an inspiration and excuse for lovers and beloveds to indulge in and enjoy each other’s company on the 14th of February – the day he died. If that was his last will, it certainly was a noble one and up until this day, it is still a reason for many a heart to flutter. The eternal question, though, associated with that special day remains…
03 February 2014