Ben Merritt
Sales Associate
Ben Merritt | Sales Associate
+1 561 715 9228

Ben joins the Bluewater team as a seasoned entrepreneur and an avid boater, with zeal for everything that is connected to the ocean and blue-water. From being around boats in his early childhood, to being on ships in the US Navy, to owning watercraft of all shapes and sizes throughout his life, Ben has a passion for boats, loves the beauty of the sleekest yachts, and lives for the thrill of being on the open ocean.

After graduating from the University of Florida, Ben served in the US Navy before embarking on a highly successful business career, spending years in Silicon Valley putting in place strategies for some of the biggest brands in technology as the CEO and founder of one of the nation’s pre-eminent public relations firms. His business savvy skills, coupled with his love for yachts, gives him a keen sense of the customer’s journey and how to match their unique requirements to the ideal yacht.

There is something magical about yachting, an emotional connection that every owner shares with the yacht that has their name on it. Each yacht has to be the perfect match for its owner, and Ben’s goal is to make the selection process the ultimate customer experience. No matter what the objective, whether a yacht is purchased for charter, investment or pleasure, Ben’s goal is to partner with each one of his clients on an exciting new venture, to help select the ideal yacht that best meets their ultimate desires and needs.