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World Oceans Day

In 2008, the United Nations passed a resolution stating that from 2009 World Oceans Day would be on June the 8th every year. Its main objective is to raise awareness of the importance of water and oceans and the way they affect many things such as global warming, the world’s economy and human health.
They organise events to encourage people to make little changes that could save our waters and also for people to learn about the world’s oceans and how it effects our everyday life.

People from all over the world can get involved by either donating to the organisation or by planning or going to events. Last year, over 600 events were held all over the planet to celebrate World Oceans Day. The number is expected to reach over 1000 this year.

Due to these events many more people are now involved with the plan to save our Oceans and all make little or big promises to show that they are helping. All it takes to make a promise is to take a photo with a sign stating your promise, and then uploading that photo onto the Internet and tag World Oceans Day.
Because of all these promises online that spread the word about this important day, the chat on social networks has increased by over 80% in the last year. World Oceans day has around 15 partners, sponsors and donors including One world-One ocean; NOAA and World Ocean Network, this help is the reason that World Oceans day grows bigger and bigger every year.

Despite the fact that it was officially declared in 2008 by the UN, World Oceans Day was first mentioned in 1992 by the Canadian government at the earth summit in Rio, and since 2002 World Ocean Network and The Ocean project have tried their best to promote this important day by planning events with different places such as zoos, aquariums, schools and many others.
World Oceans Day is to teach people that the oceans are something we cannot live without. The oceans do a lot of things that may not seem that important but are necessary just for us to survive, water regulates the climate and the weather, it provides most of the oxygen we breathe and has many other environmental, social and economic benefits.

According to the World Oceans day main organisers “the oceans are essential to food, security and the health and survival of all life”. So look after our environment and it will look after you!

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