Why Interior Crew Training is essential in today's Superyacht industry.

Following many significant developments in the Superyacht industry over the last decade or so which has seen an increase in the building of larger and more sophisticated yachts and the concurrent arrival of more demanding yacht owners, one of the more noticeable changes in the Superyacht industry has naturally been in the higher levels of professionalism expected of crew members in all departments.

By Lynne Edwards • 11 June 2014
© Stuart Pearce
In the case of interior crew, steward/esses can no longer be tarred with the antiquated (and rather chauvinistic) “heads and beds” brush, insinuating that their sole purpose is to clean bathrooms and make beds. This clearly demonstrates a lack of understanding and appreciation of the importance of the many roles played by today's interior Superyacht crew members.

It is the industry’s hope that with increasing engagement in the new GUEST programme we can be ensured of a unified excellence in the standards of properly-trained interior crew, as well as nurturing a culture of mutual inter-departmental respect amongst yacht crew.

With recognition of the necessity of interior yacht training by Yacht Owners, Management companies and Captains as well as a degree of personal responsibility from interior crew themselves, current and future generations will reap the rewards of a Superyacht industry where excellent standards of service will consistently be delivered and where interior crew are eventually given the recognition they deserve.