Who needs a boost of goodness?

We love your yacht, we love your crew, and now we love your liver too!

By Sarah Smith-Garrison • 02 April 2021
The Bluewater ladies have been enjoying a stock of a magical elixir which has been proven to repair liver function, boost your immune system (isn’t that what we all need right now!) and improve mental clarity.

What we have found is that taking one of these all-natural shots in the morning is like a fog lifting!

Shop me, buy me, drink me!

Struggle to sleep? Wake up feeling tired?

This little bottle of goodness has so many benefits in improving your overall well-being, helping us to feel more alert and increase our productivity, we have been giving it away to our ONE Account yachts and now it is available to all crew on our online Yachtshop. At less than €21 for your first pack it’s affordable and well worth it.

Immediately feel the benefits

Purchase a box today and you’ll immediately start to feel the benefits, not forgetting the work it does behind the scenes for your liver!
I can truly verify this does work and I have felt such a difference in myself.

Some of us love a glass of wine at the end of a long day, and one shot of de-liver-ance removes up to 60% toxins from your system within 30 minutes, this can drastically help with your hangovers!

If you enjoy a cheeky cocktail but have been known to be a bit of a lightweight, take one of these beforehand and it actually limits the alcohol taking full effect.

Too good to be true?

Sounds like it right! I’ve even given up a lot of my other supplements because I’m getting so much more out of my little shot of de-liver-ance, and have never felt better.

There are so many benefits we could write a couple of pages!

But for now, we are excited to bring this to the hard-working yachties, to the over-tired crew, to help you function better, sleep better and feel better in yourself.

Contact us for more details or purchase your first box from our Yachtshop, and tell us what you think!