Time is Precious - Day Charters

For moments when you cannot afford the time for a two-week holiday but are desperate to escape for a short while, a day charter is the perfect solution.

23 June 2017
At bluewater, we understand that your time is precious and that when you are 'off' then every moment spent with family and friends must count. Which is why we will find you the perfect yacht for a day of freedom and relaxation out at sea. 

Step on board to escape the busy urban lifestyle and start the day with some fresh breakfast, then drop the lines and set out to sea. Enjoy the facilities of your yacht whilst you cruise to a lunch destination of your choice, whether it be at anchor in crystal clear waters for a delicious lunch onboard, or at a restaurant. 
Spend a peaceful afternoon onboard, sleeping off your lunch in the sun, or enjoying the water toys provided by your yacht. And as the sun mellows, lift the anchor once again to slowly cruise back to your departure point, all whilst sipping on your favourite cocktail to reflect on the day’s adventures. 

You will return feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to take on the world again (well, depending on how many of those cocktails you will have sipped!)
To book the ultimate day charter, please contact the bluewater charter team.