PSC&RB - Why you only need the 3 day course

PSCRB: Do you need the 3 or 5 day course? If you are unsure read on, you’ll be pleasantly surprised and save money!

By Becki Milton • 15 March 2018

A Quick History Lesson

Advanced Sea Survival was designed, some 20 years ago, specifically for yacht crew who did not need training on how to work with davit launched lifeboats.

Because Advanced Sea Survival was never STCW coded, there was no provision under the Manila Amendments to refresh it, so from 2017 the 5 day PSC&RB (Proficiency In Survival Craft And Rescue Boats) course seemed to be the only option.

The Problem

Most yacht crew do not work on board yachts with davit launched lifeboats, and therefore the 5 day PSC&RB was 2 days too long for them... and 2 days too expensive!

The Appeal

Thankfully, the MCA, after some lobbying by Bluewater, most of the other training providers and the PYA, agreed to update the 3-day course, make it STCW compliant and give it a new name, PSC&RB Restricted (Proficiency In Survival Craft And Rescue Boats Other Than Fast Rescue Boat).

In this way a Port State Control inspector will understand what it is and that it complies with STCW.

The Important Bit

The 3-day PSC&RB (Restricted) is for deck and engineering officers working on board yachts that are not fitted with davit launched lifeboats. So, if that’s you, then we assure you that 3 days is enough. Even better, this course is tailored the working environment in superyachts and not container ships or tankers.

If you’re onboard a yacht that has davit lifeboats, then you will have to complete the 5-day unrestricted PSC&RB. This is a tiny percentage of crew overall.

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