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Passionate about Yachting? Learn How You Can Design Your Own Yacht!

You already love the freedom that sailing affords you, but have you ever considered sailing on a yacht you designed yourself? Designing your own yacht is more achievable than you may know and we'd like to introduce a distance learning school, The Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology. This school allows people with a passion for boats to turn their dreams of sailing on a vessel they designed themselves into a reality.
If you find yourself wishing your yacht was more tailored to your specific taste, you may want to learn what it takes to make those fantasies come true. For those that wish to gain the skills of a professional boat designer and bring their creative visions to life, you ought to take a closer look at the Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology.
Since 1930, Westlawn has prepared thousands of men and women to meet the exciting challenges of creating innovative boats. Along with international recognition, Westlawn is also accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council, which is listed by the US Department of Education as a nationally recognized accrediting agency. Graduates of Westlawn have found exciting careers all throughout the marine industry with some of the world's best yacht design firms.
As a distance learning school, Westlawn is able to offer greater flexibility to its students in that you can study at home or even while on the open ocean. You can stay connected as well as discuss ideas and issues with faculty members and fellow students in the school's online forum or via email. Faculty members are always available to answer questions and offer feedback to students.
Interested in getting your feet wet in the world of boat design? Westlawn offers an introductory "Elements of Technical Boat Design" program, a boat design curriculum for those who would like to understand the basics of design but don't intend to become professional small-craft designers. The program can be completed in just a matter of months and gives students a working knowledge of the principles that affect yacht design, including fiberglass design as well as stability and resistance.
At Westlawn, students receive training that is practical, relevant, and up-to-date. Throughout their time at Westlawn, students will create portfolios that will showcase their best and most innovative and luxurious designs. Regardless of where their career takes them, all Westlawn graduates share one common goal: To reshape the boating industry as we know it.
Westlawn provides the steppingstones for anyone looking to attain the knowledge and skills of a professional boat designer, and caters to a new, more adventurous breed of yacht owner; one who wants to be more hands on in the look, feel and design of their vessel.
If you are passionate about yachting and you have a strong desire to strengthen your creative muscles, you should consider learning about watercraft design at the Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology. The education is effective, comprehensive and convenient to your busy schedule. If you would like more information about how the Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology can make you more knowledgeable in yacht design, please call +1 207-853-6600 or visit the website at

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