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Make yourself employable with bluewater

Bluewater boasts the largest database of yacht crew in our industry. Our crew agents use it all day every day, and now thanks to bluewater’s newest invention; the ONE Account, we also have over 250 luxury yachts actively using our database in the same way as our crew agents do when looking for candidates. This broadens horizons for crew greatly, so by registering with us, already, you have a massive advantage when it comes to finding your next job!
Our database works by using our own search engine, whereby our crew agents can select specific criteria; for example, Steward/ess with 1 season’s experience, with silver service skills, in the South of France… Search! The database will show results of all silver service steward/esses, in the South of France, with 1 seasons experience.
This works in the exact same way for ONE Account holders!

This is a great example of why your bluewater profile must be up to date when you are actively looking for work; from just having completed a course, your latest current location to a new objective- regular updates will keep your profile fresh!

We need to know your availability status and where you are all of the time, because as you know, jobs can come in at anytime, anywhere in the world, and you don’t want to miss out on that amazing job that you have been looking for, or waste a captain or crew agents time by looking for you when you are unavailable.
We have collated a list of very important things to remember when looking for work with bluewater to help you make yourself more employable and bag that first job!

Interview advice

✰ Research the industry!
✰ Make sure you have a printed copy of your CV with you
✰ Arrive early for interview
✰ Make sure you are dressed smartly
✰ Make sure you have prepared for the interview and done the necessary research
✰ Highlight & sell any relevant experience at the interview
✰ Don’t be afraid to ask questions
✰ Make sure you have copies of all your certificates & references to hand
✰ Remember to smile, look confident and make eye contact
✰ No negativity! Always be positive or constructive about previous employment

Profile advice

✰ Make sure your contact details and location are fully up to date, as we regularly have interviews in the area at short notice
✰ Filling out your profile as much as possible, a completed profile will give you a higher chance of finding work with us as you will show up on more searches
✰ Remember to upgrade your experience level after each season
✰ Tick as many options that you will consider for the type of yacht and role
✰ Make sure you check off and upload all certificates that you have, MLC compliance requires us to have copies of your original tickets before sending you off for positions
✰ Uploading your profile picture is crucial as yachts will tend to skip profiles without one
✰ Cv’s should be re-uploaded every time you change anything, no matter how small the change may be
✰ Upload written references as we find sending these out with your cv increase a chance of interview
✰ Checking in online every day while actively looking for work is the most important thing for us, it does not go un-noticed
Feel free to come in and have an interview with one of our highly experienced crew agents today!

There is no appointment needed, you can merely drop in anytime between the hours of 9am-12pm, weekdays only. On Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 11am, we do a special, hour long, first season crew interview with our crew agent, Sophie. Come along, ask any questions and take expert advice to help you start your career!

Register now on our website:

Or for more info please contact our Crew & Training Office in Antibes:
+33 493 34 47 73

or Palma:
+34 971 677 154

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