Blue & Beyond #15 - The Bluewater Guide To Superyacht Charter Food

The luxury yacht charter and recruitment experts at Bluewater look at how to ensure the perfect yacht charter menu on your next superyacht charter.

By Gemma Fottles • 19 February 2020
The world is your oyster when it comes to creating the perfect luxury yacht charter and food and provisioning is an essential element to get right. Ensuring the delivery of perfect food and dining experiences to suit the individual needs of each charter guest takes a talented yacht chef - and can make or break even the most exclusive of yacht experiences. Experts in delivering seven-star service, superyacht chefs are well known for creating unforgettable superyacht charter menus filled with fresh, local produce and uniquely catered to each diner.

Michelin-star superyacht food

For unbeatable Michelin-style dining experiences, look no further than a superyacht charter. Working in limited space and under immense pressure results in a demanding profession that requires creativity, skill and a passion for perfection. As a result, yacht chefs are some of the most talented cooks, bakers and food artists in the world.

The Michelin-dining culture of superyachts is not just limited to the chef however and each yacht charter crew member is trained to create exceptional dining experiences for every individual yacht charter guest. Skilled superyacht crew are experts at creating sophisticated dining environments complete with fine wine pairings, divine cocktails and exquisite digestifs.

Health and wellness alternatives

Though decadent dining at sea is one part of the superyacht life, more and more people are turning their attention to a healthy lifestyle when it comes to their summer vacation. Yacht chefs have risen to the challenge of creating delicious menus that taste delicious but deliver a nutritious and detoxifying health kick. Complement a tailored healthy eating programme with fun days filled with watersports, or completely unwind in the onboard sauna and simply soak up the serenity of the sea.

In addition to a healthy yacht charter menu, yacht chefs are experts at using locally sourced ingredients wherever possible for a more sustainable approach to superyacht charter food. All dietary requirements are catered for, from gluten-free and vegan feasts, to complete detox charter menus, a luxury yacht charter delivers the very best of the best when it comes to personalised service that suits.

Finding the right yacht chef

Requiring impeccable skills and unwavering dedication, fantastic superyacht chefs are always in high demand on the luxury charter yacht market. To define what kind of superyacht chef you require for your luxury charter, think about what type of foods you want to characterise your trip and talk with the experts at Bluewater. Owners, chefs and captains should also check out the annual Superyacht Chef Competition hosted by Bluewater and Yacht Club de Monaco on 23rd April 2020. Shining a light on the best-of-the-best chefs in the luxury yachting world, the Superyacht Chef Competition 2020 invites yacht crew, yacht chefs and yacht owners to the iconic Monaco Yacht Club for a fun day of celebrating and sampling the best of superyacht dining.

Need help finding the right superyacht chef for your luxury yacht charter? Contact the charter and yacht crew experts at Bluewater for more information.