Blue & Beyond #12 - Exclusive Wellness Superyacht Charters

Private, exclusive, glamorous, and calm: a superyacht is the ultimate venue for a wellness yacht charter. Surrounded by spectacular scenery and crewed by a fantastic support team to help you reach your health and happiness goals, a private yacht acts as a floating luxury retreat to restore wellness and balance to busy lives.

By Jo Morgan • 20 February 2019
Wellness yacht charters are exploding in popularity, as guests realise the exquisite appeal of waking up to early mornings of yoga on the sundeck and long, restorative days of snorkelling and beach walks, massages and meditation. With each day comes a new, secluded anchorage, another idyllic day spa, and quiet moments of bliss as you dive off the swim platform to be enveloped by the cool, clear sea. Where better to be mindful in the moment than on a superyacht, where life is at its most beautiful?

A yacht not only provides tranquil accommodation and deck spaces for exercise and contemplation, but also comes with a private, highly-trained chef who tailors healthy menus to accommodate any health request or special diets, from weight loss and detox to gluten free, raw food, or paleo. Each meal is an event on a superyacht, and as you sit down at an elegantly-dressed table for another sensational gourmet experience, you will experience a depth of flavour, freshness, and vitality only heightened by the natural setting, as sea breezes blow over salty skin and water laps rhythmically at the hull.
Every crew member on the yacht is there to support your wellness journey, from the stewardess bringing a fresh juice to your deckchair after a Pilates session, or the deckhand handing you a fluffy bathrobe after your early-morning swim around the hull or a workout in the yacht’s gym. Many superyachts now employ crew with specialist wellness skills to further elevate the health experience on board, such as masseuses, beauticians, yoga teachers, and fitness and watersport instructors, while charterers can also elect to bring their own favourite massage therapist, nutritionist, or fitness trainer along for the trip with them. On a yacht, the possibilities for relaxation and pampering are never-ending, and can be expertly tailored to your needs.

Increasingly, many larger yachts now offer spa facilities on board, ranging from a massage space to magnificent Balinese spas complete with hair and beauty salons, saunas, and plunge pools. On smaller yachts, the yacht’s captain will organise VIP bookings at the most sumptuous day spas ashore, whether you are visiting the French Riviera’s swanky wellness temples or the overwater bungalow spas in the lagoons of the South Pacific. Your crew can also arrange for wellness specialists to come out to the yacht at anchor for private yoga sessions and massage treatments on deck.
A wellness charter on a superyacht is a bonding, life-affirming experience for a group of friends, a family, or a corporate event, as well as a popular choice for special life events like hen parties or baby showers. A private yacht is the world’s most exclusive health retreat; one where the worries of the world drift away effortlessly as you cast off from land and into wellness bliss.

To book your wellness yacht charter, contact the Bluewater Charter Team.

A selection of yachts for your wellness charter

Super Yacht ICON
A standout feature onboard 68m ICON is her large beach club, providing guests with sun loungers by the water, a large gym boasting the latest fitness equipment, a sauna, hammam and massage room. ICON also benefits from a Jacuzzi on the bridge deck and a sea water swimming pool on the main deck. Whether you are looking to unwind in the sun, enjoy a luxuriuous massage or workout in the gym or the pool, ICON is the yacht for you.
Motor Yacht SOFICO
Make the most of the state-of-the-art gym and sauna onboard this 43m tri-deck charter yacht. Housed at the stern, you will have direct access to the sea following your workout, thanks to the stern hatch that converts into a swim platform. Built by CRN Ancona in 2009, SOFICO accommodates up to 11 guests in 5 staterooms and is a great choice for your wellness charter starting in the South of France.
Motor Yacht GIRAUD
40m GIRAUD offers charter guests impressive volume for a yacht of her size, a gorgeous sundeck with a spa pool and sun pads, and also the perfect chef for your wellness yacht charter. A qualified personal trainer, Chef Antonin Nikl specialises in organic food and local produce, and will be able to advise on low-sugar desserts and healthy snacks.