Beach Clean-up and Cocktails

Join us on Saturday 8th June, for World Oceans Day, at the Royal Antibes Hotel with Environmental Yacht Services.

By Sarah Smith-Garrison • 05 June 2019

World Oceans Day

Bluewater is partnering with the Royal Antibes Hotel and Environmental Yacht Services to host a World Oceans Day event.

There will be a short briefing at the hotel on Saturday afternoon where you will be given a World Oceans Day tote bag, with some items to help with the beach clean up.

Following a clean up on the surrounding beaches, we will head to the Royal Beach to dispose of our findings, and enjoy a light refreshment provided by the Royal Antibes Hotel.

This is a family friendly day, so feel free to bring your little ones to help, it’s important we educate the next generations on the plight of our Oceans.

We have limited spaces so please email if you would like to attend, and help make a difference, no matter how small.

Be Inspired

We are excited to be teaming with EYS for the first time, when you talk to Deirdre and Sheila you can see their complete passion on this topic, it’s very inspiring!

Their mission is to work with the yachting community to give nature the chance to repair itself by raising awareness of the far-reaching impact of overboard water discharge on our fragile coastal areas.

It is time for the yachting industry to act now and accept its corporate social responsibility.
It isn’t enough to simply comply with current regulations because they are not yet sufficient to protect the marine environment.

How many yachts continue to discharge in ports and coastal anchorages? And how many yachts are still using harsh and potentially damaging chemicals on board which are in turn discharged?
Our industry is not lacking in resources, but funds need to be re-directed to protect our oceans and in turn protect our livelihoods.

EYS has the knowledge and experience to accompany yachts in choosing the right products to protect both valuable surfaces and the oceans, while monitoring quantities used. Over-use of any product not only risks damaging the environment; it also has a negative impact on the yacht’s budget. EYS works actively with clients to help reduce this.