Here at bluewater, we have noticed that the majority of our yacht charter clients separate themselves rather firmly into one of two camps: they are either sailing yacht people, or motor yacht people. It’s a very rare charterer indeed who swaps between the two.

For motor yacht charterers who love the endless luxuries of superyachts, the unwavering preference for motor over sail often stems from the perception that sailboats have less onboard facilities. And last century, that may have been true almost across the board, but as sailing yachts have become larger, more modern, and infinitely more luxurious, this comparison often no longer applies.

In many ways, sailing yachts have some compelling advantages over their motor yacht brethren. If you have been chartering motor yachts for years, perhaps now if the time to mix things up a bit.
The Advantages of Chartering Sailing Yachts

You are more connected with the sea on a sailing yacht.
When you are watching the sails catch the wind and you’re gliding across the waves on pure wind power, with no engine noise to mask the beautiful soft hiss of the hull cutting through the water, you will know exactly what we mean. Sailing yachts represent peace on the water — and a pure exhilaration when the wind gets up.

You get to take part.
Motor yacht charterers rarely get behind the helm, throw the lines, or keep a keen weather eye on the direction of the wind. On a sailing yacht charter, you can be part of the sailing action, adding a whole new dimension to your vacation as you master new skills and learn how to sail a superyacht.

Sailing yacht charters are brilliant for families with kids, corporate team-building charters, or just a group of friends wanting a new adventure. When you have had enough of hoisting sails or manning the winches, let the professional crew take over and you can sit back and relax on deck, enjoying the sun and a light breeze on your face.
Sailing yachts now have all the superyacht luxuries.
While professional racing sailboats will still tend to keep their interiors lightweight and functional, sailing superyachts have stunning split-level interiors with lots of light and palatial staterooms. Out on deck on modern sailboats, don’t be surprised to find sophisticated entertaining areas like sunken lounges, glamorous dining spaces, outdoor cinemas and even Jacuzzis. Most modern sailing yachts carry WiFi and state-of-the-art AV systems for all your entertainment needs, as well as a wide range of water toys for fun on the water.

These days, the choice between sailboat and motor isn’t really all that simple after all.

You often get a better range on a sailboat.
While large motor yachts have fuel tanks that can power across vast oceans, small sailboats can make that same journey because of their use of wind power. You may go a little slower on a sailboat, but there is no limit as to how far you can go.

There’s a brotherhood (and sisterhood) to sailing.
When you sail into The Bitter End in Virgin Gorda, or watch the America’s Cup from a charter sailing yacht in Bermuda, you instantly become part of a club: the worldwide band of sailors. Other sailors smile and wave, and ask about anchorages and rigging and lots of things that you may not understand very well at the beginning of your sailing journey. But you soon will. And there’s something quite lovely about that.
On a sailing yacht, wild windy days won’t ruin your charter.
Quite the opposite in fact! If the wind is up, then there is fun to be had. When motor yachts look for shelter in port, sailing charterers cheer and hoist the sails. On the other hand, if conditions are glassy-still with not a breath of air, this is the time to turn the engine on and motor to a secluded anchorage to dive off the side into the crystal clear water. Because sailing yachts are so versatile, sailboats are tremendous options in popular yachting destinations that can experience strong winds, like the Caribbean’s famous trade winds and Greece’s summer meltemi.

There’s a thrilling sense of adventure to sailboats.
It’s hard not to grin a little the first time you are walking through the yacht’s interior and your yacht heels over to the side as the sails catch the wind, making the world a little lop-sided.

If you are chartering a racing yacht, you will go out on deck during a regatta and see the crew all sitting high on the edge, feet dangling off the side, before getting up and quickly running ‘uphill’ to the other side of the deck when it’s time to tack. There is a reason that sailing is loved by tens of millions of people: it’s very, very fun.
Sailing yachts carry the romance of days gone by.
Humans have sailed the seas for millennia, and there is a romance to this form of travel that connects us with our past—to ancient ancestors and plucky explorers, to swashbuckling pirates and naval heroes. The sea sings a siren song that is hardwired into our DNA, and sailing into the sunset with a following sea is sheer, unadulterated magic.

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