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Yacht brokerage

Buy, sell & build luxury yachts through bluewater

Brokerage services
We proudly hold years of experience and have a fantastic portfolio of completed yacht sales
Yacht ownership is the ultimate prize for the rich and famous. An achievement from a lifetime of work and dedication, a gift to him or herself in order to experience the hidden adventures only found at sea on a superyacht. Sail or Power yacht ownership is a life dream; Sunset in a secluded bay, on-board with friends and family, planning an exciting cruise through the islands the following morning is a dream only few can experience.

Buying a yacht

Finding and buying a luxury yacht is not always an easy task. Today's diverse yacht market can be misleading and we understand the importance of having a dependable and experienced yacht broker by your side.

Selling a yacht

Through each yacht sale our brokers will ensure a balanced deal between sellers and buyers, leading both parties through a trusted and smooth sales process, resulting in satisfaction every time.

Building a yacht

Designing and constructing a yacht that has been created for no-one else but its new owner is arguably the principle of yacht ownership; when every element comes together in a way that is as individual as its owner.