Job Board

A selection of some of our positions on luxury yachts
Deck Diver - 100+m Private motor yacht
Permanent, rotation 3:1
can be green with strong diving & water sports
3500 Euro per month
STCW, ENG1, PB2, Dive Master, Watersport instructor licenses
World cruising (Summer) / Antarctica (Winter)

Deckhand / Dive Master needed

100+m private motor yacht

Starting 20th December 2022

Permanent position, 3:1 rotation

Salary 3500 Euro per month

World cruising itinerary

Antarctica for this winter then Med for summer

13-15 deck crew on board

Watersports instructor licenses (Jet ski, Kite surfing, surfing, kayaking etc.) and newly certified dive master

You will be an extra diver during guest trips together with the main Dive Master but primary job is as deckhand 

Can be green on deck but strong in water sports and diving

Male only due to cabin arrangements

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