USCG License Prep Exam Prep Course

USCG yacht crew training course
Course Duration: 10 days
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10 days
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USCG License Prep Exam Prep Course for:

signated Duty Engineer (DDE) – 1000 HP, 4000 HP, & Unlimited
3 A/E (Third Assistant Engineer) - Limited & Unlimited

This 10-day (80 hour) prep course is designed for those Marine Engineers seeking to acquire or raise in grade their USCG License, without having to attend a lengthy, expensive course. The course is designed for students who have time constraints - minimizing time in the classroom and maximizing your ability to successfully pass the USCG Exam.

The primary focus will be on preparing the student for the USCG exam. This will be achieved by having focused sessions on engineering subject material along with DAILY PRACTICE exams on:

* Motors

* General Subjects

* Electrical

* Safety

* *** Steam for those seeking Steam Endorsement

* *** Gas Turbine for those seeking GT Endorsement

The course will be led by USCG licensed Chief Engineers with extensive teaching experience. It will review the USCG License testing process with students, as well as utilize new and old USCG test bank questions for review and practice.

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