SV Marine Diesel Engineering

17 October 2021
  • Fort Lauderdale
6 days

This course forms one of the 3 modules required to obtain the MCA Small Vessel Second Engineer qualification.

It is 5 days with a written exam at the end and covers the following topics: engine working principles, turbo charges and superchargers, engine construction, hydraulic and electronic governors, engine protection devices, fuel supply systems, characteristics and hygiene and treatment. Also lubricating oil systems, cooling water systems, heat exchanges, engine start systems, engine operation and maintenance and clutches and gearboxes.

The course is intensive and candidates are advised to be well prepared for the exam by obtaining the course notes early and studying them thoroughly.

***FORT LAUDERDALE STUDENTS - Due to examination on Friday mornings, Please be advised that the Fort Lauderdale course begins on SUNDAY in order to meet the requisite classroom hours!!***

This course is fully redeemable with your ONE Account vouchers.

Duration details:

5 days


2 hour written examination on the final day


Approved Engine Course 1

Approved Engine Course 2

2 hour written examination on the final day


2 hour written examination on the final day

Upcoming Classes
Date Location Price Places
18 October 2021
Antibes €1460 Limited places
16 January 2022
Fort Lauderdale $1699 Places available
17 January 2022
Palma €1460 Places available
14 February 2022
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17 April 2022
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18 April 2022
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