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Kate Kelly

Brokerage & Charter Assistant

+33 493 34 34 13
Having graduated from the University with a degree in Business & Economics, I moved to London & worked in Mayfair in Petrochemical Brokerage. I finished working with the oil tycoons & headed back to familiar territory in the South of France where I grew up; joining bluewater, where I discovered learning the ropes was a lot easier than anticipated, due to both of my parents having been involved in yachting for many years.
Having travelled to a few places from a young age, I have since loved to travel & discover new places. I have always been drawn to adventure and excitement; so I like to move about whenever possible. Malta is one of my favourite places for personal reasons; but a couple trips to the Middle East made me appreciate a completely different scenery to the infamous and sought after Cote d'Azur I grew up in. South America is next on the cards!

Some people think I'm 'full of surprises'; I think this keeps things interesting.

Antibes office

14 Avenue Mirabeau
06600 Antibes, France
T. +33 493 34 34 13
F. +33 493 34 35 93